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              ABOUT US
              About Us

              Sales Call:18943976822

              Office Telephone:13578616005

              Address:No. 1188, Jiaer Road, Jiutai Economic Development Zone, Changchun

              about us
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                  Changchun AIK Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of sterile acupuncture needles for single use. Founded in May 2008, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, the existing staff of 110 people, plant area of 2700 square meters, with 500 square meters purification workshop. The company has established a perfect quality management system,annual production for 600 million, which are sold to South Korea, India, Canada, the United States and other more than 20 countries .

                  The company has advanced scientific research and production equipment, first-class R & D team, and gathers a group of high-educated, high-quality personnel, all of which has laid a solid foundation for the company’s development. Needle body is made of 0Cr19Ni9 stainless steel wire regulated by GB/T 4240 Stainless Steel Wire, and takes a lot improvements on the basis of traditional acupuncture needles. Needle body is straight, round, and smooth, with good elasticity, toughness, strength, strong ability to resist corruption, highly polished, excellent feel. Needle tip has innovative design, moderate sharpness, which are easy to insert without hurting the skin or pain. It is suitable for kinds of diseases, with much needle, quick and high efficacy, having obvious curative effect in regulating the body balance of Yin-Yang and enhancing the body immunity and treatment.

                  AIK company will take modern operating mode, scientific management approach, advanced technical equipment and high-quality product as a fundamental, abide by enterprise service tenet of “Respect Customer, Understand Customer, Continue to provide products and services that meet customer expectations, Being customer everlasting partners” and adhere to enterprise spirit of “Realism, Integrity, Cooperation, Innovation” and enterprise values of “Enthusiasm, Dedication, Integrity” to serve each customer wholeheartedly.


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